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Enris Ltd. is a company specified in textile and goods for large consumers to purchase quality products with a long lifespan. We offer wooden toys, furniture, pillows, cushions, filling cushions, duvets, outdoor seat cushions and pads, cushion covers, dog beds, pallet cushions and mattress protectors all made in Bulgaria. We can supply you with numerous sizes of duvets and pillows - from the small duvet for your children to the quilt for your hotel. The good are easy to take care of, all synthetic bedding are also easy to wash.
On our website, we also offer many special items or overproductions, which are gradually taken out of the assortment, at unique prices.
With the high-quality bedding from our company, you can experience wonderful hours at home. We always guarantee the highest quality to our customers, because in addition to the high qualification of our employees, we always pay attention to the right raw materials. The common success is always our ultimate goal! Innovation is the driving force for the continuous development of our company. We also manufacture bedding according to ÖKO-TEX 100 standard and BSCI certified.
Our warehouse is always packed with thousands of items that we ship to Europe as fast as possible, only overseas - we ship by US and UK.

We currently export to most countries in Europe. Our sales have reached Germany, France, UK, Belgium, Croatia, Poland, Italy, Greece, Austria, Holland, Romania, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, etc. and from the non-European countries to USA and Japan, with a tendency to expand even more. 
With us, you can order your new duvets and pillows relaxed and uncomplicated.
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